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Xmas LAN Party 2015

Help your community while having fun!

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Xmas LAN is a LAN party hosted by St Clair College ITC Club where gamers bring their computer rigs and gather together to play their favourite video games with friends and fellow gamers. This year we are changing things up. Help your community by bringing in canned goods for charity and that will get you entry to the event. It is as easy as that. If you don't have canned goods just bring $5 and this will also help your community. We hope to see you all there.

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Event Details


Starts Saturday, December 19th at 10am and Ends Sunday, December 20th at 10am


The event is going to take place at St. Clair College in the SRC lounge (just outside the computer lab)



Entry for the event is either $5.00 or 2+ canned goods.

St Clair College

2000 Talbot Road West, Windsor, ON

Picture of the outside of St Clair College

Outside of the SRC lounge

League of Legends
Counter Strike: GO
Super Smash Bros.
a lot more.

Things to do

Spread the word

Invite your friends and people you know. Share the event on your favourite social media websites. The more the better.

Download games

Get the games you want to play ready before the event so you will be ready to get into the action.

Things to bring

Canned goods

Donate for charity

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Computer Setup

Bring your full gaming rig but make sure your monitor is less than 24"

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Because you guys matter too!

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Have any questions, concerns or even proposals? Feel free to contact us by email, Facebook, or Twitter and we will get back to you as soon as possible!